How OCP2 services can help Broward County youth

OCP2 is using an assessment tool that helps guage how youth are feeling related to their mental health and other needs. The Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) originated in 1993 as a collaborative effort between clinicians, researchers, and policymakers to create a comprehensive and standardized bio-psychosocial assessment tool. OCP2 uses the GAIN-SS, a “Short-Screener”, with youth enrolled into the research study.

So far, 22 youth have completed this assessment tool, the GAIN-SS with the Peer Evaluators. The data indicate that most of the youth are either moderately or highly likely to meet diagnostic criteria for both an “internalizing” (for example, depression, anxiety, trauma) and an “externalizing” (for example, attention deficit, hyperactivity, impulse) disorder. This means OCP2 services need to continue to be flexible and TIP Coaches need to be prepared to address a variety of complex needs in an integrated and coordinated manner.

Read GAIN-SS Report Dec 2016

Results from National Evaluation studies indicate that youth enrolled in programs like OCP2 report the following as indicated in this chart:

gain chart