The spotlight is on Broward County! #ECCO Awards Results are out!

The spotlight is on Broward County!

We wanted to thank everyone who joined the Live SAMHSA ECCO Recognition Award Program Webinar on Thursday, August 18, and voted for OCP2 Broward. We secured the second place in the People’s Choice Award, and most importantly, we received an award for all the entries submitted. This represented a great opportunity for us to learn from other grantees, and to feature the work being done in Broward County.

GOLD Award – for the OCP2 Social Marketing Plan, Year 1 in the Communications/Social Marketing Planning Category.

Silver Award – for OCP2 Mental Health Celebration in the National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day Category

Bronze Award – for OCP2 E-Newsletter in the Internal Constituents Category

Honorable Mention – for the OCP2 Logo Development in the the Children, Youth, Young Adults Category.

Check out the list of finalists here.


About the SAMHSA ECCO Recognition Program:

Every year, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign team organizes the Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach (ECCO) Recognition Program to showcase and celebrate outstanding achievements in social marketing and communications by system of care grantees. It provides an opportunity to share in successes and learn from partners across the US. The entries were narrowed down to 24 finalists who were awarded the bronze, silver, and gold recognition in each of the eight categories. A total 92 entries from 37 system of care grantees were received to participate in the program.

The winners were announced through a live webinar hosted by SAMHSA’s Dr. Gary Blau, on Thursday, August 18, 2016.